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Productivity – planning


At the beginning one of the main rules of productivity is to do what you like. Of course not always it is easy, but you should aim for it. If you like your job, if it make you pleasure it is easier to be productive, to be the best in what you do than if you don’t like your job. If you don’t like your job then left it and go further. Find something new, or start your own company, become freelancer etc.


One of the main rule of productivity is planning. But what it is? Productivity is process of establishing aims and proper actions to achieve them.

Kinds of planning:

  • strategic – over 5 years
  • long-term – 2-5 years
  • mid-term – few months to one year
  • short-term – short tasks to do
  • current – daily or weekly tasks, meetings

Personally, I prefer short-term, daily or weekly planning. Short-term planning is something that we can simply control  because we can easily modify tasks. On the other hand, the best for long-term tasks is saving it in notes or calendar.

Weekly planning should be connected with evaluation of the previous week. Summary of tasks we completed and those we did not, and how long it took us to complete them, and how much we assumed.
If we made a big mistake with calculating the time needed for a specific task then for the future we need to verify time we assumeed for the task which took as way to much time. If we’re not drawing conlusions, it means that we don’t know how to be productive and something has to be changed.

Review of tasks

Review of the tasks written in the notes or calendar and transfer to to do list is very important part of planning. We need to overview tasks we have planned for a particular month or week and break it for days. At this point, keep in mind that we can’t plan too many tasks for each day and also those that may take a lot of time. It is obvious that we can’t handle with too many tasks or tasks which take too much time. Single day lasts 24 hours and we won’t jump over it. So the next rule is not to overdo the number of tasks for a given day. If we are using only a task list, new tasks we add to inbox. During the planning process tasks from inbox should be added to specific day of the week.



Personally I use an application called ToDoIst. This application is very easy to use. One of the most important thing is that it is available for all platforms iOS, web, Windows, Android and MacOS. I save tasks for each day and next week. One advantage of the application is the ability to create projects, assignment tasks, and labels (in premium version) for projects. It is also important that there is possibility to assign tasks to team mates who work on current project.todoist
It is absolutely crucial to prioritize tasks. If we know which task is more important, give it the right flag of the priority. Then on the list we see what we have to deal with at the beginning.
If we didn’t complete some tasks, we need to remember to move them to the next day or week (only if the next day is not too busy).