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Hello, after some time. After talking with Andrzej Krzywda on snapchat and reading his book “Blogging for busy programmers” I decided to change blog’s language on English. Maybe it is not the best moment to do this, but the sooner I start the better for me. At the beginning I thought that my English is not good enough. Probably it is true, but as Andrzej said his English isn’t very good either. He’s blogging in English in order not to reach to narrow group of recipients.

programmer's blog

Changes changes

I was thinking how good is my English, am I ready for that? Yeah, I think I can handle with that. I will try. Firstly, I read Andrzej’s book which got every participant of “Get Noticed!” contest. At the beginning I just downloaded it and thought it isn’t for me. But … few weeks ago I didn’t have time to write posts. Not good :/ First week, second week. Situation has become really serious. It is half of May and I have only 13 contest blog posts. What to do? I follow on snapchat e.g. Maciej Aniserowicz, Piotr Gankiewicz, Andrzej Krzywda. The last one told me something like this few days ago:

If You have programming blog post it to me, I will check it and give You my opinion.

Firstly I thought “Not!”. My blog is not good enough. Small amount of posts I won’t send it. But after thinking over it, I realised “What can I loose? Nothing”. I only can gain really useful feedback. Andrzej writes in English. Why? I answered at the beginning: to not close only on Polish programmers, but to gain English speaking users. I asked Maciej can I change blog language during DSP2017 (Get Noticed 2017!) contest. He said yes, no problem. So lets go.

How to write?

I wrote long posts. I thought that a lot of content would meant good posts. But? It took me a lot of time, to write valuable posts. Sometimes I was thinking about what I’m supposed to write. That was tough decision. Then, after reading the book and taking conversation with Andrzej I decided to not only change the language but the way I write. From now I’m going to write shorter but more valuable content posts. I’m going to set target group for example: C#, game programmers, graphics etc. I still don’t know yet which one, but give me some time. Andrzej said that on my blog isn’t enough amount of code like on programming blog so I will try to change it.


If You stuck on blogging, don’t know how and what to write I definitely recommend Andrzej’s book. I didn’t duplicate the book’s content in this post, because book is written very well, reads fast and gives really good values.