Settings improvements


My last post about my contest project Kopstt was long time ago and I showed You GUI of my project. Since that post I didn’t have much time to work on  my project, tough. As I wrote on previous post,  at the beginning I was talking on snapchat with Andrzej Krzywda and he motivated me to finish my DSP project. From that time I made app settings improvements.

What’s new

As You see at the picture below I added 3 items to settings menu.

kopstt settings

  • General (nothing to show yet) – as name’s saying there will be stored all general settings for application which cannot be pinned to other categories
  • Database – one of the most important tab. There will be options to create local or remote database. Next post will be about this topic.
  • Widget – as I mentioned in one of the first posts there You will be able to change widget options. Including turn it on or off. I was not sure about that option but I like it so I decided to place it in the project.

First of all, I decided to focus on settings menu. Is it good or not? Points of view may vary depending on the path we are going to follow. If I focused only on functionality I would pay attention to adding, editing and finishing the tasks. I thought it over and conclusion is that it shouldn’t take me as much time as creating all necessary setting for the application to work properly.


In the future I’m going to add more tabs in settings like:

  • Account edit – as the name of menu says everything about You (user) like nickname, contact info etc.
  • Notifications – check or uncheck mail notifications. You decide which ones You want to receive. There will also be option to set mail server.
  • Keyboard short-cuts – yeah, I’m going to let You define keyboard short-cuts to let Your personalize Koppst

Something else? For now that’s all. If You have some ideas, what more I can add in the future, feel free to comment.